Market intelligence

Our labour market insight, thought-leadership and advisory services, together, helps us deliver the best service to our customers. The below resources are designed to share our insight with you to better position you in the world of work.

Hays "Fit" Series

The Hays Fit Series looks at the impact that fit has on recruitment and retention. It’s also an examination of how hiring the wrong person or making the wrong job selection impacts workplace happiness, productivity and individual success.

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DNA Series

dna-strand-topThe DNA series explores the career paths to becoming a CFO, CIO and VP of construction. Learn from predecessors before about their journey and experiences. Gain valuable advice and insight into what qualifications really matter and how to achieve a leading role in Canada.

IT: What Employers Want

What skills will employers' pay a premium for? This report is an in-depth analysis of the IT labour market across Canada exploring top skills in demand, expected salaries and benefits for contract workers, challenges in retaining workers and tackling the rising skills shortages. Dive deeper into our What Employer Want report.

Salary Centre

Hays 3D HFind out average salaries, job requirements and benefit trends based on today's market

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What People Want

WhatPeopleWant-ThumbWhat influences top Canadian professionals when deciding to accept a new job or stay where they are?

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Hays Journal

Hays Journal Issue 11 thumbnailA bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR and recruitment professionals on the ever changing world of work. 

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Hays Global Skills Index

GSI 2016 report graphicThe need to address the skills shortage is more critical than ever.


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Canada Gender Diversity Report

Hays Global Gender Diversity Report 2016How does Canada compare to the rest of the world on attitudes to women in leadership?

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Market update videos

Hays VideosHear the latest information on trends, growth areas and skills in demand.

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Payroll Salary Guide

Payroll Salary Guide - web image 3Hays is proud to launch its inaugural Payroll Salary Guide, unique to Hays and Canada. Get industry insights about the payroll profession and hear from the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).

Hays 2017 Payroll Salary Guide

Hays and VRCA Salary Guide

VRCA logo Providing the Construction industry in British Columbia with leading market and compensation information

 Hays and VRCA 2017 Salary Guide

BOMA Salary Guide

 BOMA and HAYS 2013 Compensation Guide BOMA logoSpecifically for the property and facilities management industry, this salary guide provides insight and and advice on skills in demand, hiring trends and market forecasts for regions across Canada.

 BOMA and Hays 2014-15 Compensation Guide