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Our market insight, thought-leadership and advisory services, together, helps us deliver the best service to our customers. The below resources are designed to share our insight with you to better position you in the world of work.

Hays "Fit" Series

The Hays Fit Series looks at the impact that fit has on recruitment and retention. It’s also an examination of how hiring the wrong person or making the wrong job selection impacts workplace happiness, productivity and individual success.

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DNA Series

dna-strand-topThe DNA series explores the career paths to becoming a CFO, CIO and VP of construction. Learn from predecessors before about their journey and experiences. Gain valuable advice and insight into what qualifications really matter and how to achieve a leading role in Canada.

IT: What Employers Want

What skills will employers' pay a premium for? This report is an in-depth analysis of the IT labour market across Canada exploring top skills in demand, expected salaries and benefits for contract workers, challenges in retaining workers and tackling the rising skills shortages. Dive deeper into our What Employer Want report.