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4. Interview techniques

To be effective and efficient throughout the interview process, use the following techniques for questioning and interviewing to get the best results, enabling you to make the right decision.

Ask open-ended, probing, situational and behavioural based questions

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Examples include:

  • “Tell me about...” (open ended)
  • “Talk me through the steps...” (probing)
  • “What would you do if...” (situational)
  • “How did you approach...” (behavioural)

For competency based questions, develop a scoring system for each response.

As a fifth stage - try role play scenarios

Hiring Series Pt4_role play image | Hays CanadaThis will help you see how quickly a candidate can think on their feet or how they deal with a specific situation.


Use getting to the truth tactics

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50 per cent of all resumes contain some sort of lie or embellishment.

  • Look for exact start and finish dates for each employer
  • Question why there are gaps between jobs

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