Hays Hiring Series

3. Interview structure

Taking the necessary time to properly screen candidates can actually save you time and money. Follow our two steps to creating an ideal interview structure.

Develop a systematic approach

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First, lay out clear objectives for the interview:     

  • Can they do the job?
  • Is it the right move for the candidate?
  • Will they fit in with the team?

Second, lay out a clear action plan, including:

  • Two-way feedback
  • A plan for subsequent interviews
  • Decision timeframe
  • Offer and rejection

 Lastly, set up a clear agenda for the interview, such as

  • Brief company introduction
  • Discuss the candidate’s background
  • Discuss their preferences
  • Talk about the opportunity
  • Time for feedback and questions
  • Next steps

Get to know your candidate

Hiring Series Pt3_friend image | Hays CanadaFirst, assess first impressions. Second, aim to build a rapport within one minute of meeting, helping you get a good sense of the person you're interviewing.

Lastly, build a composite picture. This can be achieved by going through a candidate's background chronologically, asking key questions about their likes, dislikes, motivations, accomplishments and frustrations.

Putting these steps together will help you attract the right candidate for your business.

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