Hays Hiring Series

1. Define your recruitment needs

Follow these 3 steps below and you'll be recruitment ready in no time.

Define your role requirements by essential skills

Hiring Series Pt1_image | Hays Canada

  Identify the key requirements you need for your business by determining three essential skills you    must see in the candidates resume (skills or training essential to the role).



Narrow your role requirements by 'nice to haves'

Hiring Series Pt1_fit image | Hays CanadaAs a second step to the screening process, determine three ‘nice to haves’ that your ideal candidate would possess. This can include further skill sets, qualifications or personality traits - that would set the candidate apart.

Define your corporate culture

Hiring Series Pt1_culture image | Hays CanadaThink about your fit in terms of behaviours - what behaviours are acceptable and not acceptable to your business? Make sure to have a clear picture as to what you want for a work environment in order to select candidates that will help you achieve this.


Hiring Essentials Handbook