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Based in the United Kingdom and overseeing projects in the UK, Europe, and North America, HCP Social Infrastructure Canada is an award-winning, globally leading SPV and management firm with a passion for excellence. Working primarily in the P3 world as a compliance regulator, they provide consulting services for public and private sector investors and specialize in large infrastructure and corporate asset projects. Since 1997 HCP has been a leader in their field by putting their focus where it belongs: on people first.

Be part of a values-lead culture

HCP’s top-down approach to management is driven by a core value set: teamwork, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and partnership. Everything they do stems from those values, be it making sure their working environments are friendly and inviting, to following through on their promises, to always going above and beyond on their projects, and making sure that project partner organizations feel listened to and respected. At HCP everything starts from putting people first because.

People are their most valuable asset

Committed to encouraging personal development, HCP recruits for a wide range of roles. With a diverse workforce, they maintain an inclusive and welcoming office atmosphere, supporting their staff with flex hours and equal opportunity employment for talented professionals at all staffing levels.

Outstanding career progression opportunities

Having built their business on a model of enabling personal development to grow their staff’s capabilities, HCP is committed to continuous learning. From initiatives geared to on-line learning, structured courses (in-house or external), peer mentoring and coaching, and formal leadership programmes, they give their team members the opportunity to excel. HCP’s philosophy is to place the individual in control of their own development, and they’re 100 per cent behind making sure their employees are ready to lead.

You can engage in a leadership role

Be it team leadership or project management, HCP runs on quality staff who can innovate asset management solutions by increasing efficiency and minimizing risk. And with so many projects on the go in so many sectors, working with them gets you hands-on experience in leadership roles in a variety of sectors.

And get rewarded

HCP fields exceptional leaders to work across their projects, but they’re not just dedicated to rewarding senior management. At all levels of their staffing HCP is committed to compensating work done well – via cash allowances, excellent life insurance terms, 4 weeks annual holiday allotments, and a healthy bonus program. Because they believe their staff deserve to feel valued.

So if you want an opportunity to better yourself, be well rewarded for your efforts, work with an excellent team, and find your footing so you can step up and lead, then HCP is the perfect fit for you.

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