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ttéléphone:(416) 367 HAYS (4297)
ftélécopieur:(416) 203 1923
Suite 600, 6 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ON M5C 1H6

Senior Legal Counsel (Construction/Energy)


Type d'emploi

Senior Legal Counsel (Construction/Energy)
2007 Call

Hays Legal is proud to be representing an experienced legal counsel, who has extensive experience in the construction and energy sectors. Throughout the years he has gained progressive experience, which includes a key legal position with a global company, while gaining international experience.

In his current role he is a key strategic figure in the company's legal team, leading legal and project teams with developing models to enhance the company's portfolio. He is often involved in negotiations with construction and financial companies. In a past role, he was tasked with providing legal support in a variety of areas, including contracts and claims management, regulatory matters, dispute resolution, and the establishment and negotiation of agreements, pertaining to power generation.

He is currently seeking a senior level role where he can contribute to the strategic development of both the company and their legal team.

If you are interested in learning more about this candidate, please do not hesitate to contact Joncarlo Bairos at 416-203-1484.