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Consultant Communiquer avec James Willies, le recruteur responsable de ce candidat, dans ce pays Toronto
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ttéléphone:(416) 367 HAYS (4297)
ftélécopieur:(416) 203 1923
Suite 600, 6 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ON M5C 1H6

Finance Manager


Type d'emploi
$85,000 - $95,000.00
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Hays Senior Accounting and Finance in the West GTA are very excited to promote a result oriented, committed and highly motivated designated CPA , CGA. Our candidate started their career with a logistics company in India. With strong accounting knowledge, loyalty and driven personality they were promoted 4 times and became Finance Manager where they managed a team of 5. After moving to Canada, they started their career as a junior analyst in an aerospace manufacturing company and soon went on to become senior analyst responsible for leading a profit center. Here, our candidate helped implement many cost saving initiatives that resulted in $11M savings and was a subject matter expert for implementing SAP. Leaving for growth, they joined a defense/security related manufacturing organization where they mentored a small team of 2. Responsible for implementing many controls and policies our candidate was also an active member of the Site Management Team and achieved a major sales bid of $40M. Leaving as this company relocated to the US, our candidate then had a short stint as a Contractor/consultant in an Insurance/Pharmacy related organization for a year, and then accepted a role as a Senior Analyst – Financial Planning and Reporting in a mining related industry to expand their exposure and increase their diverse knowledge and expertise in financial planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting. Since then this organization has lost their local Municipal business and decided to close their local assembly and distribution line and invest in the west end of the country where the mines and oil sands are located. Our candidates managers are ready to vouch for his dedication, willingness and capability of picking up processes , meeting tight deadlines and suggest improvements in extremely complex business environment. If interested in a candidate to improve your businesses please reach out to James Willies at Hays senior accounting and finance referencing this Candidate Id number of 1688072.

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