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Respect. Expertise. Safety first. Teamwork. Integrity. Success.

EBC logo_webRecognized as a Canadian leader in construction since 1968, EBC is active in the buildings, mining, and major civil engineering sectors. In collaboration with its business partners, EBC carries out ambitious and diverse projects of the highest quality. Based in Quebec City, EBC is a general contractor with approximately 1,500 employees across Canada with offices in Montreal, Brossard, Val-d'Or, Mississauga Ottawa, Timmins and Vancouver.


With an accomplished team including 100 engineers and architects, EBC has been involved in complex projects from coast to coast. If you believe in respect, expertise, safety, teamwork, integrity and success, then you believe in the EBC’s values. These views, in conjunction with the expertise of EBC employees, have drawn the attention of many clients leading to the achievement of large projects such as construction on the Champlain Bridge.

Honored as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2015, you will be joining a company who has created a strong sense of belonging with its employees through their support of a strong universal human values, respecting you as an employee. To EBC, it’s not just about the clients’ needs but also your health and safety and well-being.

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By joining EBC you will be working with a team that believes in combining your individual strengths and helping each other even when difficulties arise. Collaboration is fundamental to all their achievements. The worksite and project management teams are supported by their efficient, dedicated administrative staff, and this collaboration is the key to achieving their ultimate goal: ensuring clients’ satisfaction.


EBC believes their employees’ expertise are the key to their success, which is why, when you work for EBC, you can be confident that you’re surrounded with the top talent in the field, valuing each other’s diverse experience and knowledge. At EBC you will also be encouraged to develop and improve upon your skills.


Whether on site or in the office, your health and safety will always be a priority in all of EBC decisions. They make no compromise when it comes to ensuring that wherever you are working it is a safe place. When working with EBC you can feel confident that your safety is not taken lightly as their management plan includes preventive work methods and a safety management program adapted to each individual worksite and has resulted in frequency and severity rates below industry standards.

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