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The DNA of a VP of HR looks at the common career path in the HR sector to achieving a VP or higher level role in Canada. Gain valuable advice from those that have achieved their career goals and insight from the lessons they've learned along the way. This report is comprised from a survey of over 100 VPs of HR from across Canada, a deepdive into Hays database, looking at 100 resumes of VPs of HR, and interviews with today's HR leaders.


In this report you'll find key insights into the career path, main obstacles senior HR professionals were faced with and how the career path is changing. Based on the results of the survey, deepdive and interviews, we have learned the career path entails:

  1. 1, Getting a broad range of HR experiences and an understanding of business operations
  2. 2. Becoming an effective leader
  3. 3. Being seen as a strategic partner

Get your copy of the guide and learn valuable insights into how you develop your skills in these three areas.