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DNA of a Commercial Real Estate Leader

DNA of a Commercial Real Estate Leader

Hays DNA of a Commercial Real Estate Leader looks at the common career paths in the commercial real estate sector to achieving a VP or higher level role in Canada. Gain valuable advice from those that have achieved their career goals and insight from the lessons they've learned along the way.

This report is comprised from a survey of over 100 VPs and above from across Canada, a deepdive into the Hays database, looking at 100 resumes of VPs, and interviews with today's commercial real estate leaders.


Key findings

In the report you'll find key insights into the career path and main obstacles senior commercial real estate professionals faced and how the career path is changing.

The career path entails:

1. A broad base of industry knowledge through diverse experience and necessary qualifications

2. Commit to your professional development

3. Become a leader, not just a manager




DNA video series

Hear from global leaders such as the CFO's and CIOs from Microsoft, Walmart and Canadian Tire about their career journey and advice to the next generation.

DNA webinar series

Get further insights about the career path of leaders across Canada, as well as advice on how to support your staff with their career goals.


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