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The rate of change in the business world is accelerating, and having the right talent at the right time is increasingly important. From maintaining and improving efficiencies, to recruitment and retention best practices, and case studies of top companies, Informed is a quarterly whitepaper offering insight and advice for business leaders who want to be at the cutting edge of labour market trends.

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Don't expose yourself to risk - discover how you can improve control over your workforce in a fast changing market through succession planning, better visibility and vendor consolidation.

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Issue 2: Nov 2015

Break down barriers within and outside your organization with strategic talent plans. How can the right procurement team eliminate siloes and elevate your company's business performance? Watch the video below, or request your copy

Issue 1: August 2015

RPO graphic - one third outsourcedRecruitment process outsourcing is growing by 15% a year and is worth more than
$2.2 billion worldwide. Hays looks at the business factors behind the trend towards
HR outsourcing.

Watch the video below, or request your copy. 

Share your successes

Do you have an innovative recruitment process or talent strategy that you want to share? Your company's successes or lessons learned could inspire and advise your peers. Contact us today to share your story and be featured in a future issue of Informed.

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