Employer Brand Accelerator
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Our Employer Brand Accelerator is a branded advertising campaign distributed through our digital channels enabling you to reach the widest potential audience of relevant high quality candidates.

Why is the 'EBA' is your digital recruitment solution


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    Secure candidates for niche roles faster than through traditional methods.
  2. Promote your brand as a leading employer with long-term impact.
  3. Advice on developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  4. Fully developed and customized content and creative artwork


Case Study

"We had been without a Manager, Plant Operations for a period of about 6 months despite our best recruitment efforts. Jeff Garland and the Hays team researched our needs thoroughly and worked very well with our selection committee. Jeff collaborated with us and delivered an excellent recruiting process that ensured we hired a good candidate for our University. We used an employer branded campaign that highlighted why Carleton University is a great place to work while successfully expressing our core values as an employer of choice in order to attract candidates to the job.  We were able to fill the job within 2 months. The first campaign was so successful that we are utilizing it again for another position that we have struggled to fill. I highly recommend Jeff and would definitely engage his services."

Darryl Boyce, Assistant Vice-President Facilities Management and Planning Carleton University




Employer Brand Accelerator

HAYS_COM_TILE.JPGRaise your profile as a top employer of choice, through leveraging our digital recruitment strategy, technologies and expertise.

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The digital recruitment dilemma

Hays Where People Are imageAt any one time only 10 per cent of employed candidates are actively searching for a job. That means, 90 per cent of today’s professionals are passive. Engaging with this 90 per cent is key to identifying the best talent when they become active.

Hays "Where People Are" report provides unique insights into the complex challenges of recruiting professionals in the fast-changing digital age. 

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