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Why choose Crown?

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Founded in 2001, Crown Realty Partners acquires, manages and develops commercial real estate assets in Canada. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Crown Property Management Inc., Crown applies a hands-on approach to real estate management delivering both higher performance for their clients & a better experience for their tenants.

Crown has acquired and managed over seven million square feet of office space totalling over $2 billion in transactions and consistently delivers above market returns.

A collaborative culture that supports your decisions

The company’s core values are embedded into the actions of all members of the team which has created a culture that people don’t want to leave. The culture is built around integrity, teamwork, professionalism, accountability, while being service-oriented and having a sense of entrepreneurship, which allows staff the autonomy to make their own decisions that are best for their projects and clients, while knowing they have the support and backing from the organization and their team.

An organization that invests in you

spacerCrown Property Management Inc (CPMI) hires and retains the best staff, as a result of their commitment to the ongoing professional development of each of their team members. They encourage the continuing education and professional development of their employees, from providing job-related training, to providing financial assistance for staff to undergo educational courses to help advance their career. In addition to this, CPMI provides industry leading compensation and benefits packages from annual bonuses to regular salary increases, both rewarded on performance, to recognition and awards, rewarding staff for things like outstanding performance or tenure with the company. CPMI also provides key incentives such as free parking, bike lockers, shower facilities to fitness centre access, factors that make your overall experience with your employer that much more enjoyable and easy. 

An award-winning company that fosters service excellence

Crown Property Management Inc (CPMI) has a long list of accolades as a result of their commitment to sustainability and delivering superior property management. By working for CPMI, not only will you be working for an organization who takes pride in their accomplishments but also a company who is dedicated to constant advancement and improvement. This drive to excel transcends through to all of their staff, fostering a drive and want to achieve as individuals, as teams and as an organization.

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