Creating your resume
2. Resume rules

Creating your resumeYour resume is as unique as your experience but there are some guidelines and tips you can use to make sure you are really showcasing your skills. Hiring managers see hundreds of resumes so its essential your resume stand out from the rest.

Avoid over-selling yourself.
If you wouldn’t say it out loud, in-person then don’t include it. A good tip is to talk about business or project successes, therefore selling yourself by showcasing your experience.

Include technical terminology but keep it clear.
Relevant technical info related to the job description is important to highlight, however, don’t assume a hiring manager will recognize your systems or qualifications so spell out acronyms to ensure clarity.

Reverse chronological order is the correct format.
Showcase your most recent/current job first as this is what the hiring manager want to read first.

Stick to one or two pages.
Document all your positions, but provide duty details on recent or more relevant positions. Keep in mind that interviews are the time to showcase specific anecdotes that may not be appropriate on your CV.

Keep duties and achievements succinct and clear to read.
Employers tell us Arial size 10 is the best font and size. Avoid tables and other formatting as this can cause issues with automated resume tracking systems.