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Whether hiring or looking for your next career, we want to ensure you are equipped with the information you need for recruitment or job seeking success. This blog is the recruitment resource you need, from your Canadian recruitment experts.

Get the latest insights and market research from top industries including construction and property, resources and mining, technology, and banking and financial, and learn from our team's breadth of knowledge on different functions such as accounting, IT, estimating, human resources, procurement and supply chain.

Hire the right person with better interviews

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Hays Blog: How to get more from interviewsEvery day that passes with an empty desk is another day of lost productivity. As an employer myself, I know how frustrating that can be. But equally, I know how important it is to take the time to find the right person for the job.

During my years working in recruitment, I’ve seen the same mistakes being made time and time again, which almost always lead to a bad hiring decision.  Most of these mistakes stem from one thing – hiring managers who don’t know what exactly they are looking for during an interview or how to assess this during the interview process.

In this blog, I’ve outlined some simple steps you can take to help identify what it is you are really looking for in a candidate, plus some actionable ways for measuring these criteria during the interview process.


5 ways to get the construction job you want with a better resume

Posted by Jim Fearon, Hays Canada Vice President, on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Hays Blog: Build a better construction resumeThe construction industry is worth almost $74 billion to Canada and employs 1.2 million people – that’s a growth of more than 50 per cent since 2008 according to Statistics Canada. The industry is continuing to grow, and the continuing skills shortage means lots of opportunities for you.

It’s great to be in a market where you’re in demand, but that doesn’t mean that you can sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to you. Do you know what your ideal career path is? How do you plan to get there?

The first step is to get the right kind of attention from employers and hiring managers with a stand out resume.


Administrative Professionals Day: Build a career that works for you

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

Choose your own career pathOffice support and administration can be a highly competitive and rewarding function, with opportunities for career progression and organizational responsibility, but you have to find ways to drive your own career.

In honour of Administrative Professionals Day, I talked to two of our administrators who have progressed with Hays to find out their experience and advice.


Scoring as an EA with NYCFC

Posted on Monday, Apr 24, 2017

NYCFC EA interviewWith more than 10 years of experience in administration as a personal and then executive assistant, Hays placed Sarah Westlake with New York City Football Club in 2015. We caught up with Sarah to find out about her career, her experience with NYCFC, and her advice to other administrators and assistants.


How will the “Internet of Things” affect app developers?

Posted on Thursday, Apr 6, 2017

Hays Blog: What does the Internet of Things mean for app developers?Within the next three years there will be more than 26 billion connected devices, according to Gartner. This presents both challenges and opportunities for anyone working in tech and as an app developer you're at the forefront of this change. Whether you're freelancing, contracting, or working full-time, there will be new skills to embrace, and a wider world than mobile phones. This shared connectivity means we as human beings, and our devices, are far more connected than ever before.

And this represents a huge opportunity, but only if you have the right capabilities and skills to exploit it.


Boost your sales: social media tips for beating your targets

Posted Megan Simpson, Team Lead – Accounting and Finance, Vancouver, Hays Canada on Thursday, Apr 6, 2017

Canada Blog - Megan SimpsonNowadays, social media is in everything we do and it’s a strong tool for your professional life. So it’s important to know how to use this in a way that will help you to meet your professional goals.

Working for Hays boosts my profile since the company is the most followed recruitment company on LinkedIn and I can reach a larger audience, but we cannot rely only on numbers.

Here are my four tips to build your network and engage with your audience:


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