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Career Status and Growth Driving IT Professionals

Posted By Travis O'Rourke, Senior Manager, Temporary & Contract Divisions, on Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013

Image showing how IT professionals rank job title important to their career statusMore so than professionals in other industries and sectors, IT professionals care about their job titles and perceived level of career status. What does this mean to you as an employer? Recently we held a webinar on our Hays What People Wants guide, focusing on the responses of IT professionals. The job market for IT professionals is a competitive one. Employers are vying for candidates with niche technical experiences in addition to soft skills, a growing trend. This demand in an already candidate short market is putting further pressure on employers to find the right person.  The insight that we've been able to attain from our recent survey is designed to assist employers as they develop their recruitment and retention plans. How you attract IT professionals should be different to how you attract professionals in other areas. By tailoring your recruitment approaches will help you be more successful in finding the right person.

Responses by professionals in IT showed many variances to other responses we collected. Higher than most other professions, IT professionals weight approximately half of their decision on whether to accept a job offer or not on compensation. This may seem high, but it's about how you look at the information. Although individually, compensation is the most important factor, collectively career growth, company culture/reputation and benefits also equate to just over 50 per cent of importance on their decision. Regardless, compensation does play a dominant factor and employers successful in recruiting their ideal candidate will be those who are offering the market rate or above. For those employers who are unable to compete in a bidding war, don't be deterred, nearly 70 per cent of professionals would take a pay-cut (of varying degrees) for an opportunity that offers their ideal career growth, benefits and culture. So what else is it that IT professionals want from their career? For example, when looking at their benefits, flexible working options was ranked as one of the most wanted benefits added to their packages. For those employers seeking permanent hires, consider adding flexible working options as an attractive selling feature. In terms of career progression, IT professionals care about their seniority level and job title; approximately 50 per cent of IT professionals wouldn't trade in their seniority for a job with their ideal compensation, benefits or culture. This tells us that employers that can showcase progression and stature with their job offers also may be more successful in recruitment.

These are just some of the insights you can attain by watching our recent IT Recruitment Market Webinar.

Learn more about Travis O'Rourke, Senior Manager, Hays Contract and Temporary Division.


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