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Canada Facing a Talent Mismatch; Hays Global Skills Index

Posted By Rowan O'Grady, President, Hays Canada on Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013

Hays Global Skills Index - InfographicThe skills shortage has continued to cause significant challenges to employers in some sectors, namely natural resources, the construction industry and technology sectors. Pressure on the government remains to facilitate the import of skill-sets that aren't available locally. However, securing a Temporary Foreign Worker permit has been made more difficult recently.  This was in response to some employers bringing low paid or unskilled workers into the country and thereby taking away opportunities from local, suitable candidates. While protecting lower level opportunities for local workers, this may well adversely affect companies who cannot find highly-skilled workers and have no choice but to recruit from overseas.

In the 2013 Hays Global Skills Index, a barometer of factors impacting the global skills landscape, Canada scores a 5.9, 0.3 points higher than in 2012. Talent Mismatch continues to be ranked as the highest indicator at an 8.0, and definitely Canada's most significant issue. This however, is steady with last years score, where as wage pressures in high-skill industries and occupations have increased.

Despite the talent mismatch being a significant concern based on the barometer, Canada has the system in place to address this mismatch head on, as indicated in the Index.  Globally, based on all regions included in the Hays Global Skills Index, we're recommending that:

  • Governments must demonstrate real financial and political commitment to improving the flexibility of labour markets.
  • Education reform must be developed through close collaboration between governments and the business community.
  • Businesses need to develop and implement tailored policies for their youngest and oldest staff.

Read the latest Hays Global Skills Index, and gain further insight into the findings and recommendations.

Watch Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, on the Globe and Mail, discuss the Hays Index.

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