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Completing Projects, Potential Influx of Talent?

Posted By Jim Fearon, Vice President, Hays, on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013

Road Building Infographic - job seekers entering job market in road buildingRoad building projects across the country are affecting recruitment in varying degrees. Our latest 'Hays Builder' newsletter looks at the current projects underway in key areas across Canada, what impact the current market is having on these projects and what this means for employers in terms of the job market. Construction, as we know, is a candidate short market across the nation and, as a result, employers need to look strategically at the timelines of external projects to help effectively target key candidates. To often we see employers considering only their own schedule for recruitment, opposed to scanning the market for when there will be regular influxes of new talent. This of course may not be plausible in some instances, but again being a candidate short market, by planning ahead and looking to when candidates will be entering the market, may help you secure top talent.

In Alberta, road building is as busy as ever due to road repairs from the devastating floods this year and upgrades due to the regions economic boom. Some projects in Alberta however are nearing completion, such as infrastructure projects around the airport, which could mean available talent entering the market in the near future. However, employers shouldn't be too confident, as the Oil and Gas industry continues to lure professionals.

Further West, in Vancouver, similarly to Alberta, major projects are due for completion, releasing highly skilled labour such as Project Managers, Field Managers and Superintendents, to name a few. However, despite this looming influx, already these candidates are high in demand as their niche skill sets are being sought after for other projects in the works.

On the Eastern side of the country, road building is thriving, with no signs of slowing down in Ontario due to events such as the 2015 Pan Am games. Having said that seasonal lay-offs are just around the corner and employers could get ahead by looking at targeting professionals sooner rather than later.

In this edition of 'The Hays Builder' we offer advice on how to deal with the above scenarios such as how to be prepared, search effectively and develop strong, competitive offers.

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