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How to find quality IT contractors

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Thursday, Jun 14, 2018

How to find quality IT contractors | Hays BlogIT contractors are fast becoming a primary solution for many businesses that simply lack existing, qualified permanent staff to cover their needs. Long-term leave or unexpected workload increases? Project launch deadlines approaching? Skills specializations your workforce lacks needed to complete that project development cycle? Qualified contractors are your answer, every time. And the competition for the best IT contractors in the field is fierce.

Employers are scrambling to find the strategies that work best for them. But you’re not part of the crowd, you lead the industry. Your strategies for staying at the top of your game have to be innovative as well.

The Challenge

There’s an inherent difference between technically proficient workers – those who have the necessary experience with systems and languages – and quality contractors. The latter aren’t just technically proficient, they’re problem solvers who can ideate solutions and practice systems development and management in ways your existing workforce can’t. They’re punctual and dedicated; they rise above competence to perform excellence. And every single employer in the field wants them for their team.

Employers may have a large pool to pull from, but the difficulty in finding the right staff at the right time is one of the largest barriers hiring managers face. 93 per cent of IT employers seek to hire contractors based primarily on quality of work. But 47 per cent have difficulty finding those qualified employees in the first place, or get there too late – with 42 per cent finding it difficult to meet their project timing when looking to hire.

The Solution

Rather than relying on contractors to answer the calls an employer puts out, successful employers are proactive. And not just in how they put out effective job ads – though that helps. But in a field as crowded with competitive salaries and non-monetary incentives as IT, robust workforce planning is key.

There are multiple paths to growing a resource network. Maintenance of contact with qualified contractors you didn’t hire last cycle but plan to in future, top of the line analytical HR software, responsive and engaging online presence, and the creation of an enticing workplace culture are all excellent tools for doing so. But the single most effective approach is the development of a hiring pipeline, either on your own or through a dedicated resource provider like Hays. You need to be finding and engaging staff before your crunch periods begin. Building and maintaining relationships with qualified, quality staff for targeted roles is how your business not only survives, but thrives in this era of never-ending expansion.

Not sure how to start up or maintain your own talent pipeline? Read the Hays IT Rates Guide now for more information on the lay of the land and successful approaches, and then let us build a powerful talent pipeline for you to keep your business on top of the field.

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