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Which technology do you need on your resume?

Posted on Friday, Sep 15, 2017

Megh Patel, Intact | Hays What IT Employers WantWe asked Intact Software Development Manager Megh Patel what he looks for when hiring. From top tips for your resume, to his biggest interview pet peeve, find how what could help make you the sought-after candidate. This interview and more are available as part of our What IT Employers Want eBook.

Current job market
What are the hottest tech skills right now?

Selenium, Cucumber, Test NG

Do you prefer candidates from big companies or smaller firms?
It really doesn’t matter, I find sometimes those that come from smaller firms work out well as they are delegated many different tasks and can wear a variety of different hats.

How much do you value international experience in a candidate?
I don’t really look at that as a pro or a con, it depends on what they did in their career so far, not where they did it.

To land the perfect candidate, what are you willing to negotiate on as part of the total compensation package?
I would usually be willing to negotiate salary by three to five per cent. We already offer a great benefits package and it is pretty much set. Everyone gets the same benefits.

Tech skills: how important is it to know the latest software/language? At what point does this become obsolete? E.g. 6 months, 2 year, 5 years etc
Being up to date with the latest skills is great, however, I am more concerned with what we are currently using and at the moment we aren’t using the most recent technologies.

Reviewing resumes
What are the five things that make an IT resume stand out?

1) Candidates work experience
2) What companies they have worked for
3) How long they have been with each organization
4) Relevant skill sets

What certifications or qualifications do you look for in a resume?
I am more concerned with education rather than certifications.

Evaluating candidates in interviews
What are the top three soft skills that you look for in an IT professional? How do you assess during an interview?

1) if the candidate is friendly
2) If the candidate is team oriented
3) If the candidate takes a diplomatic approach

What is your experience with skills testing as part of the interview process?
If I feel the candidate has the appropriate soft skills I will issue you some form of test in the interview.

How can you tell if someone is genuinely interested in the job?
By the attitude they demonstrate in the interview it is usually pretty easy to tell.

How does professional attire influence your decision?
I don’t expect them to show up in a Harry Rosen suit, but professional attire is important.

When interviewing candidates, what’s your biggest turn-off?
Candidates who do not know their own resume and can’t articulate well what their tasks were at each organization.

How useful is social media when interviewing? Eg. Do you view candidates’ profile ahead of time?
I do if it is a permanent placement. Not so much for contractors.

How do you feel when the candidate looks you up on LinkedIn prior to the interview?
I think it is smart.

How important is it that the candidate follows up with your after the interview?
It’s a nice touch, although I don’t think it is mandatory by any means.

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