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#MyHaysStory with Rebecca Coleman

Posted By Rebecca Coleman, Senior Business Manager at Hays on Friday, Sep 15, 2017

My Hays Story - Rebecca ColemanHear from Hays Taxation Senior Business Manager Rebecca Coleman  about how her passion for sales and people aligned with Hays values and programs to help drive her career success.

I’m passionate about people!

I had been in sales since I was 18 from commission only, door to door sales, banking at HSBC, corporate sales at O2, working at an advertising agency and then a stint of setting up my own business. When I came to Canada, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I just knew two things: I wanted to work in sales and I wanted the product to be a person. Although I was always successful in reaching any of my previous targets, I realized I had no real passion for selling a physical product and if I really wanted to over achieve, I needed to be passionate about my product. I'm passionate about people and realized that Recruitment was the best fit for me. I then took to the web to start researching what agency I wanted to work for. Cheesy as it sounds, when I saw the Hays website and their value - "Passionate about people,” I thought, it's a sign and after doing some more research, I realized Hays was the place for me. I decided to visit the Toronto Hays office and was able to meet with their internal recruiter; I ended up starting on October 16th, 2013.  As I had no recruitment experience, I joined as an Associate. It was really great to come in at the bottom because you got to see the business from the ground up. After three and half years, I am now a Senior Business Manager specializing in Taxation.

A career in recruitment was the right choice for me

I believe that your reason for joining a new company or job needs to be something intrinsic in you that matches you to that industry. It can’t be about the money, title or just looking for a job because when you are in a role that truly matches you, it then expands you and when you are in something expansive you will always be incredible at it. I didn't care where I started with Hays because I knew I was in the right industry for me and by focusing on my goal, I knew I would be successful. Sometimes you really need to ask yourself as I did back in Ireland "Am I in the right job?" because we’re all brilliant at something, every one of us is. No one wants to turn around at 60 and say I was mediocre my whole career, they were simply in the wrong job. Recruitment is a career, it’s an extension of you who you are. My advice: if you’re looking for a "job" don’t get into it. I ask senior executives in tax looking for that VP position, why do you want it?  It has to be the value add they want to bring to that organization, the passion they feel in knowing it’s the next step for them in expansion of their own career. That's the guy who always gets the job, a total authentic, unlike the one with the energy of entitlement and who wants more money - no one wants that guy.

A business is as good as its people

Hays stands from the back and lets you drive forward. It’s not Hays’s job to motivate you or drag you to the target you have agreed on. Having worked on so many sales teams, I know great teams are made up of individuals who work hard every day, stay focused on the goal at hand, take accountability and own their mistakes. Everyone works together to get the job done and there’s no need for micromanagement.
Louisa Benedicto is a fantastic Director because she has trust in her team. This takes a lot of confidence and I highly respect her for that. As a half decent Manager myself, Hays really supports you in being as successful as possible and they provide you with the necessary training on how to do things in a more efficient, effective and scientific way.

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