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International Women's Day: Leading by example

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017

Canada Blog - Success tips from Women to WomenFor International Women's Day, we are featuring some of the great team leaders we have in Hays here in Canada. Sharing their story with Hays and expertise, these two women give their career insights and advice.

Here’s what Lisa West, Team Lead for our Construction & Property team in Ottawa, has to say about her path to leadership and on how to succeed as a recruiter specialized in a predominantly male industry.

Hays: Can you describe your career with Hays so far?

Lisa: My career with Hays started 5 years ago when I was an Associate Recruitment Consultant, progressing through Senior Consultant and now being Team Lead for an year and counting
My time with Hays to date has been personally and professionally exhilarating and a true catalyst of growth, challenge and an adventure of experiences and exposures.

Hays: What has your biggest challenge been and what did you learn from it?
Lisa: Through the evolution of my position and the challenges of transition from the known to the less known, these transitions have forced me to stretch myself in different ways often with independence. Through these stretches and challenges I have been taught that the greater the feeling of being out of your element & comfort, the greater the return and growth. If you’re not feeling the stretch, it’s possible that the growth itself isn’t big enough for you. Don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable, embrace it, tackle it and in return reap the rewards.

Hays: What advice would you give a woman starting out their career?
Lisa: Advice that I would give to women starting their career is to do their best, to ignore categorizations and stereotypes sometimes placed on women, put all that aside and apply yourself to whatever your objective is. Identify, and be identified as the career professional you want to be and are working to be. Don’t give into what may have been deemed as ‘the way’ or ‘norm’- make your own path and way, and stand confident of your abilities present and future.

Hays: What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?
Lisa: As a recruiter specializing and working in a predominantly male industry, being able to set gender aside and place the focus on the work and deliverables has been important. Being recognized as a contributor and resource to an industry that historically was not equally inclusive of women, and be invited to the table with industry leaders has proved empowering and reflective of hard work, trumping industry trends and habits that may have previously been less favorable to female professionals in the workplace.

Hays: How women can help women in the workforce?
Lisa: I believe women helping women in the workforce is best done by setting examples, new trends and breaching barriers by proving them wrong; one experience, one day, and event at a time. Not diverting and rather tackling any doubt head on through fact, proving the equality in profession through your ‘doing’ proving any doubts wrong and hopefully making for a smoother path for those up and coming. Spreading confidence to other women through delivering and keeping the priorities on the results and outcomes, rather than allowing any room for any preconceived notions based on gender.

Hear more from our Team Lead for Accounting & Finance in Vancouver, Megan Simpson.

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