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Your new year resolution: Attract top talent

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Friday, Dec 16, 2016

Hays Canada Blog: Your new year resolution: Attract top talent editedThe new year makes many people think of changing things up in their lives, one of those changes could be looking for a new job. Top talent may be looking in your direction but what are you doing to attract them to apply?

According to 78 per cent of accounting and finance employers, they found 2016 to be a challenge in recruiting top talent. In order to combat this challenge in the new year employers we asked employers what they are doing to attract talent and we found the top five but we’ll look at two of them here.

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Offer a competitive salary package

Though this may seem like an obvious tactic, it’s not the first effort for every employer. A little more than two-thirds of accounting and finance employers indicate that they are planning to offer competitive salary packages to attract talent. Granted, this may mean that the other third may not be able to compete with the companies like the big 4 for rates but there it’s more likely that half of those not offering competitive salaries are capable but aren’t taking it into consideration.
If you are unable to increase salaries there are still other options for you. I would recommend complementing your salary offers with promotions of career progression or company culture. Which brings us into the second attraction effort.

Promote company culture

Gen X and Millennials are adamant believers in fitting in to the workplace, placing higher priority on company culture than the generations prior. As they become more integrated into the different seniority levels of the workforce, accounting and finance employers are recognizing the need to promote company culture to attract them to their organizations. An added bonus is that this won’t only attract top talent but also contribute to retaining your current staff.

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