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Managing people – how do you know you’re ready?

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President on Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016

Hays Blog: Are you ready for people management?Are you ready for the next step in your career but nervous about the aspect of managing people?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people feel they can manage almost any project handed to them but throw in a team to manage and there is some hesitation. You may be hesitating for the wrong reasons.

Are you team oriented?
It may seem like a simple thing but if you are already a team focused individual then you are on your way to team management. Enjoy helping your colleagues gain vital skills? Proud of your team’s success as a whole? Pleased to be a part of a successful team? Answering yes to these questions may mean you’re ready to lead.

Thinking past your role
Have you noticed that instead of just accepting a task, you’re thinking “Surely, we would have a better outcome if it was done this way…”? Then you are already thinking like a manager. Being a manager will mean making difficult decisions and facing new challenges. If you have found yourself stepping out of your comfort zone,taking on new challenges with a diligent, team spirited attitude, then you are likely to thrive in a more senior role.

Communication is the key
Have you made yourself an expert in a particular field, through hard work and perseverance? Do colleagues and managers often seek your advice? Communicating effectively with your peers is one thing – being able to do so with senior figures in your organization is quite another. Many new managers find the prospect quite intimidating, particularly if giving advice or information to your superiors.  If you have good relationships with stakeholders, or at least have confidence in your abilities to develop these, then you may be ready to rise through the ranks.

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