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HR: Help your business partners find their next star

Posted by Andy Robling, Hays Canada VP, on Thursday, Sep 1, 2016

BlogImage_HRBusinessPartnerAre your business partners giving you all the information you need to help them recruit the best possible candidates?

Get a recruiter's insights into how you can enable and empower your frontline managers and team leaders to understand and define their recruitment needs, for better results every time.

As an HR business partner you hold a lot of hiring and recruitment knowledge that other business leaders don't have. In our webinar on September 14, we will look at our best practices for defining recruitment needs, which we use with our clients to ensure we're finding the best match.

Here's a sneak peek at how you can use the same approach with your business partners to improve hiring results across the company.

Balance immediate need with long-term requirements
Managers sometimes hire for immediate need, overlooking long-term considerations. Ask about their future growth plans to get them thinking about a candidate's long-term potential.

Remind them about fit
Fit is the #1 reason that new hires don't work out, but it's not always top of mind for team leaders. Encourage them to think about why their team works and what kind of work ethic and social behaviours are necessary for success.

Reduce attrition with strategic alignment
HR is always thinking about the bigger picture, but hiring managers don't always see where their hiring decision has overall business impact. Connect their success and outcomes with business results, and support them in finding a candidate who will be an asset for the team, and the company.

Register for the webinar to learn more about the three steps you can add before you list a job that will support better hiring outcomes every time. 

Talk to Andy Robling, Hays Canada Vice President, on the Canadian labour market.

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