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3 ways to transition to another construction sector

Posted by Jim Fearon, Hays Canada VP, on Tuesday, Jul 5, 2016

Hays Blog: How to transition between construction sectorsYou’re a civil estimator hoping to move into high rise, or you’re bored of high rise and hoping to try your hand at hospitals.

How do you make the move?

The construction industry remains busy across Canada, but some sectors are growing faster, using newer technologies, or operating in different regions. No matter why you want to transition to another sector, we’ve found three ways to make it happen.

1. Identify transferable skills
Different sectors can require slightly different specific knowledge, but most sectors will consider experienced estimators from other specialty areas. Emphasize the commonalities such as the similar sub-trades you’ve worked with or the overlapping building materials.

2. Build your network
Construction can still be a “who you know” industry so build your network to get the best opportunities. People will hire someone who they know, or know of, so if you have a great reputation and network then you’ll be able to easily transfer between sectors.

3. Talk to your recruiter
See your recruiter as your representative who can reach out on your behalf and find out who’s looking for someone with your skill set. They’ll take your preferences into consideration and can give you timely advice on how to better your chances for transition.

Contact us today to start making your move, or view the jobs below if you’re ready for your next career step.

Job Title Location Job ID
Commercial Estimator Calgary 1047451
Junior/Intermediate Estimator Toronto 1048591
Civil Estimator Langley 1047531
Senior Estimator Vancouver 1047547
Chief Estimator Toronto 1049204
Senior Estimator Edmonton 1034473


Talk to Jim Fearon, Hays Canada Vice President, on trends in central and western Canada, and the Canadian construction labour market.

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