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#1 reason new employees don’t work out: Personality fit

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Thursday, Mar 31, 2016

Blog image: 1/2 of employers have fired someone who wasn't a good fitAre you prioritizing the wrong things when making a job or hiring decision? Making the wrong hire or job selection could cost you in happiness, money, and morale, but Canadians aren’t focused fit when choosing a job or candidate.

Over more than five years of data from the Hays Canada Salary Guide, we see time and again that employers believe the number one reason why a candidate doesn’t work out is due to a poor fit.

But what does ‘fit’ mean, and can understanding it help you make better decisions?

Find out from our new Hays Fit series.


The series of reports looks at the impact that fit has on recruitment and retention. It’s also an examination of how hiring the wrong person or making the wrong job selection impacts workplace happiness, productivity and individual success.

In the first of the Hays Fit Series, we take a look at the impact of fit, and how making the wrong hire or job selection has not just a monetary implication on a business, but hinders team morale and negatively impacts productivity.

Over half of employers have let someone go due to them not being the right fit and more than a third of professionals have quit a job also as a result of not being a fit. A disconnect with their direct manager is said to be the main contributor.

Don’t rush the hiring process. An interview process should be a two way street for both employer and candidate to assess whether the position is mutually a good fit.

Hiring managers, get multiple people involved in hiring decisions to assess how the candidate interacts with the team. Multiple meetings will also help ensure you don’t get dazzled by someone who is a great interviewer, and instead help you get to know the individual.

Job seekers – ask your potential manager what it’s like to work at the organization, what the culture of the business is versus the team, and how the team interacts. You can turn hiring interview techniques back on the interviewer by asking behavioural or situation based questions that will give you some insights into whether this is a manager you want to work for.

Learn more about the guide, or register for our April 21 webinar for an overview of the findings.

Talk to Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on the Canadian labour market.


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