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Learn to love cold calling: 3 key elements from Melanie Lobel, Strategic Account Executive at Hays

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 6, 2016

Specialism-Sales-160px-x-160px_3.jpgLet’s be honest, the majority of sales professionals don’t get excited at the thought of cold calling. Melanie Lobel, Strategic Account Executive at Hays happens to be an exception to this. She shares 3 easy ways you can learn to love cold calling too. 

1. Confidence is everything
The key ingredient to cold calling is having a positive mindset. Be confident in what you do and the knowledge you possess. My confidence in cold calling can be affected by how I speak, my mood, my surroundings and even my posture. By actively monitoring these elements, I’ve been able to increase my confidence and self-awareness which are two important building blocks to a positive mindset around cold calling.

Top Tip: Practice speaking. Leave yourself voicemails and listen back. You’ll find ways to tweak your tonality and vocabulary. Furthermore, ensure you maintain an open posture by sitting upright or standing. All of these things will help you deliver a more confident message.

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2. Preparation pays off
Cold calling is so much more enjoyable and easier when you’ve done your homework. My prep routine starts with determining the reason for my call - I always have a tangible one. I learn who my target is and then do the necessary research on the organization and the contact I am calling. I always aim to build a lasting impression at the beginning of each call by starting with a powerful introduction. I then use the information obtained from my research as a tool to establish rapport and credibility.

Top Tip: Set yourself apart from others by communicating your message in a unique way, right off the bat. Using your research, come up with novel ways to capture your prospect’s interest and establish a personal connection with them.

3. Challenge yourself
I view each cold call as an internal challenge for myself. Testing out new ideas such as a different pitch or a new closing technique, helps to keep things interesting and exciting. I love finding out what works and what doesn’t and I thrive off of the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve successfully tackled a challenge.

Top Tip: Be receptive to making mistakes and learning from them. You learn more when a cold call doesn’t go in your favor. A mistake is an opportunity to improve and if you’re not making mistakes then you’re not getting out of your comfort zone (and most likely not being as successful as you could be).

Cold calling is key to sales. Don’t look at it as a road block, but as a fun and exciting challenge that leads to great reward and success. 

Melanie Lobel consultant headshotMelanie Lobel Bio
Melanie began her career with Hays in April 2013 as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and within three months was promoted to Account Manager, and then to Lead Account Manager in July 2014. In 2015, she was appointed to the newly created role of Strategic Account Executive as a result of her success in sales and business development.

Before starting at Hays, Melanie graduated from The University of Guelph with Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She has more than four years of experience in specialized recruitment and sales. Melanie’s key strengths are in building partnerships, developing a deep understanding of clients’ needs, and finding the right recruitment and workforce solutions for each company and situation. 

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