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Five ways to build a better procurement team

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015

Blog image Five Top Tips to build a better procurement teamThe Hays DNA of a Supply Chain/Procurement Leader report finds the function in a time of transition, becoming increasingly strategic. Forward-thinking companies have already embraced the strategic potential for supply chain and procurement to truly impact the bottom line. For function leaders and HR managers looking to improve their company's team, here are five top tips from our report:

1. Encourage broad business experience
Business acumen and a big picture approach is key for integrating the procurement function into the rest of your business. Arrange secondments and work rotations for junior staff so they can get an idea of how the different business units work, and how they work together.

2. Embrace transferable skills
Two-thirds of procurement and supply chain professionals worked in other areas before starting in the function. Those who come from a manufacturing, finance, or logistics background can have particularly good insights that will better enable them to provide advice and direction for the function.

3. Train/coach on communication
For a role that is so focused on relationship building, problem resolution, and negotiation, it is no surprise that communication skills are one of the top traits that supply chain and procurement leaders say is necessary for success in the function. Give your team constructive criticism, and support them with training or coaching where needed to ensure they have the verbal and written communication skills needed for their own individual success, and that of the company.

4. Hire for passion, train for skills
Passion for the company is one of the top four traits that supply chain/procurement leaders look for when they recruit. In a role that is so closely linked to business results, professionals who are invested in their company set themselves apart both on their resume, and in their approach.

5. Focus on personality fit
Finally, sometimes someone can have all the right skills - hard and soft - and still not be the right fit for a role. Personality fit is a key consideration for any hire, but in a role that requires significant relationship building and maintenance, it's even more important. Know what your company's core values are, and include coworkers and direct managers in the hiring process where possible.

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