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Top 3 Soft Skills You Need in Construction

Posted by Jim Fearon, Hays VP, on Friday, Sep 18, 2015

Blog Image Top 3 Soft Skills for Success in Your CareerEven technical roles in have a softer side and if you're working with people you need to make sure you have the approach and skills to succeed in your construction career. Do you have these crucial skills in your toolbox, and if not how can you work on them?

If you had "Timmy doesn't play well with others" on your report card this one might be something to work on. No one works in a vacuum so if you struggle with teamwork take some time to figure out why. Talk to your manager about what specific areas you need to work on, and whether there is training or coaching available to help you through the process of improvement. Try to determine the root cause of any conflicts. Different work ethics, uneven delegation of tasks, lack of shared respect, and different communication styles can all contribute.

Being able to communicate effectively is a huge advantage in any field. Make sure you are using appropriate language for each situation, and practice written communications so you sound knowledgeable and professional. If the language where you work is not your first language consider taking a course to strengthen your skills - your employer may be willing to help pay for this as it will help you be better at your job in the long run.

Almost everyone has more things to do than they have time to do it in. Start assessing every task on the urgent/non-urgent, important/not important scale to determine your priorities, and if you manage a team practice delegating to others where appropriate. The people who get the most from their day are the ones who get the most from their careers - but that doesn't necessarily mean working long hours. Don't confuse time spent with time spent well.

What are some of the other soft skills you need for success? How have you improved in some of the above areas? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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