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Succession planning for success

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Thursday, Feb 5, 2015

blog feb 5 imageAlmost three-quarters of employers say they experience a moderate to extreme talent shortage. These shortages are affecting productivity, and limiting companies’ ability to expand to new markets.

Is a short-term view preventing employers from building a talent pipeline to reduce future shortages?

Some employers are responding to shortages with increasing salaries, with 87 per cent saying salaries would rise by up to six per cent, and improving benefits.

Employers intending to increase their workforce need to plan ahead and look at what specific talent gaps they need to fill to meet organizational goals. Organizations that wait to recruit may find themselves limited in their choice of top level candidates.

Canadian workers need to consider their current career path, and ultimate goals. Make informed decisions by talking to employers, colleagues, and recruiters about what possibilities exist in the market, and how you can reach the top office or dream job.

Successful companies will build talent from the ground up by offering entry-level positions to ensure they are developing future talent as well as addressing current staffing needs.

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