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Ever wonder where the right people are?

Posted by Chloe McGreal, Associate Recruitment Consultant, on Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

I can guarantee you that anyone who has ever had to recruit for a role has probably asked that exact question upon seeing one of two things: either A) low numbers of applications or B) hundreds of resumes from people who – albeit are probably good candidates otherwise – are not suitable for that particular role.

This is a problem that almost every company in Canada (and around the world) faces. They rely on job advertisements to attract the best candidates, when in reality, often the best candidates aren’t even looking for a job right now. You may have heard the term ‘passive’ candidates, compared to ‘active’ candidates: this terminology categorizes every potential candidate in the market. At any given time, only 10% of employed candidates are actively searching for a job – that means that a staggering 90% of today’s professionals are passive. Can you guess where the best people are usually hiding?

So the next thing that usually gets asked is:

“But how do we reach that 90%?”

Good question grasshopper. Content is your new best friend! By posting information that’s relevant and interesting (hopefully), your company can position itself as a Holder of All Knowledge (cue trumpets). In all seriousness, the benefit of using content to engage with your audience, is that when you do have a role posted, you’re engaging with both active and passive candidates. 

The question that often follows this is:

“Awesome… but where should I post this content, exactly?”

This is another great question - and one that a surprising number of employers still have. All you have to do is look around the train on your morning commute to notice that almost the entire population is obsessed with Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; everyone and their grandmother use it in some form. So it isn’t surprising that when people look for a new role, 55% of them use Social Media as their first port of call in the job hunt. Of that 55%, 91% of professionals use LinkedIn regularly and to search for a job, yet only 52% of employers use LinkedIn to promote jobs. Big disconnect, huh?

The good news is the solution to this problem is really simple. Build a content plan, start posting the information that your network will find absolutely invaluable, and hey presto – you’ll find the right people. Well, it might not be that straightforward but it’s the bones of it anyway. If you want to find out exactly what your company can do to increase their chances of attracting great candidates, visit Hays Specialist Recruitment to request your copy of our latest report, Where People Are.


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