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Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President on Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014

Image of Soccer PlayersIssue 7 of the Hays Journal, our award winning publication, was recently released, featuring a number of hot topics relevant to hiring managers across the globe on the ever changing world of work. 

Amongst the recent excitement of the World Cup, one article I found particularly thought-provoking was Premier League Talent. We have gotten an inside look into the work that goes into developing a winning team and have noticed a great deal of similarities between that and our clients’ businesses. The article parallels the similarities between the sport and business in terms of finding the right people for the right positions on the team. Whether it is in sport or business, the need for leaders, a game plan and a winning mentality is vital.

Martin Ferron, the President of the North American Construction Group, had also discussed this comparison in his contribution to our “DNA of…” project.  Martin, originally from Wales, dreamt of playing professional soccer growing up, but after a series of injuries was forced to abandon this career path and entered the construction industry. During his interview, he told us, “There are many similarities between playing team sports and working in a construction team. In both cases, each team member has a “position” in which they play best to help win the game. As the CEO, it is my role to find where and how each person plays best and motivating everyone to achieve our common goal.”

At Hays, I see the parallels between sport and work as well. In a competitive recruitment industry, it is essential to have a motivated, ambitious team. We employ a superb coaching staff to help train our consultants into top-performing recruiting experts. We need to ensure everyone is playing in their optimal position, whether they specialize in permanent placements, screening candidates, or managing major accounts.  

Other highlights from this issue of the journal include:

  • Rising in the East: Asian organizations have become increasingly global, meaning Western companies are now looking east for lessons in expansion.
  • The future of business: As the world emerges from global recession, organizations are focusing on growth by opening lines of communication.
  • Recruiting during fast growth: The struggles expanding businesses face in terms of mass recruitment and overcoming these challenges to build a team that can support continued growth.
  • Globetrotting talent: Surveys show that top talent will be on the move in 2014. As global opportunities lure away top talent, find out HR’s response.

This issue has some fantastic insight into some fascinating current HR trends. If you are involved with your organization’s HR or recruitment, I highly recommend you read the latest issue of the journal.

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