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Posted By Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Monday, Apr 14, 2014

dna-strand-topOn behalf of Hays I am pleased to launch the first results from our DNA series - the DNA of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This Thursday, April 17th, at 12 noon EST, we will be hosting a webinar, presenting a sneak peak into the findings from the DNA of a CFO report.

We are thrilled to be launching our 'DNA of...' series, which gives you insight into what it takes to achieve a leading role in Canada. Over the course of the next month we'll be launching the DNA of a CFO, DNA of a CIO and DNA of a VP of Construction as the initial launch to this series. With these reports, our goal is to remove the mystery from how to become a CFO or CIO in Canada by illuminating the common traits, skills and challenges associated with the career path. These are more than a summary of typical qualifications amassed through years on the job (although we have that too). We wanted to delve deeper, to get a sense of what separates candidates from the pack.

To do this we have conducted a deepdive into our database, analyzing 100's of resumes to find the key technical commonalities. We then conducted surveys asking CFO's or CIO's etc their opinion on the journey, and key information about their path and what is most important to the journey and the role itself. Together this creates a very insightful report, unveiling the truth about what it really takes. Finally, we interviewed leaders in Canada, asking their opinion on the career path and getting their advice on the journey. For example, in the DNA of a CFO project, we have advice and insight from the CFOs of Walmart, Aecon, Canadian Tire and Molson-Coors. .

Again the DNA series kicks off this Thursday, April 17th with the sneak peak webinar at 12 noon EST.  Space is limited so please register today. Following the webinar we will be officially launching the report starting this Friday.


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