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2014-15 HAYS & BOMA


As expert recruiters to the Property & Facilities Management industry, Hays are in constant communication with industry professionals who are looking for work or looking to hire staff.
Through our most recent survey, conversations with industry professionals and observations drawn from our daily interactions with the industry, we have been able to paint a picture of what the Property & Facilities Management landscape looks like in the different regions of Canada.


Hays-BOMA Salary GuideChallenges surrounding compensation, training and skill shortages vary between provinces and so do the ways in which businesses tackle those challenges. Overall salaries are likely to remain stable across Canada, but we expect to see increases for high-demand skills such as building operators. We are seeing a national shortage of fourth class power engineers and building operators with more than five years’ experience, so total compensation is likely to increase in order to attract these candidates. In some regions, such as British Columbia, we are seeing a trend towards performance bonuses. If this proves successful in attracting and retaining top talent we may see the trend spread to other talent short areas. Benefits are also becoming universal and many sectors are seeing three weeks’ vacation become standard, with managers and above often receiving four weeks.